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  1. wow
    thankgod this is on here
    im in aus so i cant watch it on e4 and this season wont b out 4 ages n i just cant wait that long.
    yay 4 cassie and sid
    good episode
    thankyou so much

  2. No problem 🙂 We live in Belgium, it also takes ages before they screen it here. Luckily there’s Internet!

  3. thnx heaps for the upload.

    the first series has just finished here in italy, thanks for uploading the second series! 😀

  5. Part 5 doesn’t work. Why is youtube removing most episodes?

  6. Right now it should work…

    Well, because it’s breach of something 😉

  7. part 3 doesnt work =(
    Is there anywhere else i can get it?

  8. oh now it works… sorry

  9. Does anyone know what the song is called on part 3 in the nightclub…?

  10. Thank skins ur here!!! xD if it wasn’t for this site, i would have to wait a whole other month to watch this episode^^!

  11. the song in the night club is called tarantula by pendulum

  12. thank you sooooooooooooo @#$%$#@ much!!!!!!!
    Omg thank you thank you thank you for the 7th episode!!!!!! i hope you will upload the next too..!

    And one more time…THANK YOUOUOUOUOU:D

  13. Thankyou so much for this, I live in Australia and there is no E4 here. This show is getting pretty popular among Australian teens too!!! Thankyou!!! 🙂

  14. ty so much! we don’t even get this show over here in USA. ❤ I’m finally caught up now.

  15. this is awesome.. only… where is part 4?

  16. cool, thanks for uploading this 🙂
    any chance you could put up episode 8?xx

  17. Ep 8 is shown on Monday in the UK…

    And Pt 4 should be visible…

  18. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you X infinity

  19. thanks!! couldn’t find it anywhere.

  20. i’m from the united states and my friend and i found out about skins when we saw the trailer for the first season before it actually started, and have been following it ever since. so THANK YOU for posting these here because we could no longer find the new episodes on youtube :]


    this site is PIMP! class mo0ovies and all the skinz i could ever dream of……..


  22. thanks so much dude, yeah I was visiting Edinburgh over the summer and this show was on and I have been obsessed with it ever since. (I live in the US). Any chance of getting episode 8 tonite.

  23. Any episode 8 available? : )

  24. […] Season 2 Episode 8 (full) Geplaatst op april 1, 2008 door Benjamin Episode […]

  25. […] op april 1st, 2008 bij 3:01 am Said:. Any episode 8 available? : . skins Season 2 episode 8 full …https://towntalk.wordpress.com/2008/03/25/skins-season-2-episode-7-full/Skins TV series – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaDaniel Kaluuya, aka “Posh” Kenneth, wrote episode […]

  26. thanks so much.

    does anyone know the name of the song that starts when michelle gets her watch back? its well good.

  27. fucking love skins

    effy is cool

    i swear this is the best show ever.

  29. whats the song that plays at the end wwhen cassie is crying ??


  30. HEY this is great. Does anyone know what song plays when effy says she will sort out sid’s problems if he does her art project?
    PLEASE tell me if you know!

  31. […] Season 2 Episode 8 (full) Episode […]

  32. genious

  33. thank you for putting this up, love skins
    in germany it’s only on pay tv

  34. Thanks a milll, Skins doesn’t even exsist where I am…I think I’m the only one who know’s about it, and I couldn’t find this episode ANYWHERE. So thanks again =)

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