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  1. Thankyou so much for this!!!! Love Skins!!!

  2. wow:) thanks! I’m from hungary so i can’t watch it, just here!
    I love Skins!!This episode was so so…:(
    When will be the next episode here?

  3. thank you so much!
    as an american i can say that it was a very strange phenomenon to see cassie in new york….
    great episode though. chris chris chris.
    i love him and always will

    thanks again!

  4. im from melbourne, and down here in aus season 2 is starting in june, but i couldnt wait that long! cheers mate, keep it up.

  5. Thank you! I live in Australia, and I’m in love with this show…in tears right now, sooooo powerful!
    *sniff sniff*

  6. thank you! i missed this last week and can’t get 4od to work so thank you so much for putting this on here x

  7. cant believe chris is dead

    love skins!

  8. we dont know if chris is dead he could just be in a commer and the funnerel in the next skins could be sids dad! we just dont know! btw im trying to find out all the possible ways that chris isnt dead cause hes my favourite person in skins!


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