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  1. Can anyone tell me the name of the last song. Its amazing? I think they’ve been playing it on a 6Music advert for awhile aswell.


  2. Time to pretend – MGMT

  3. The song is called ‘Time To Pretend’ by MGMT.

  4. Once more, thank you so mutch for every episode…
    Thanx to you, i haven’t missed one…And i really love skins, im sorry it has finished…

    take care

  5. Thank you a lot for the SKINS episode, haven’t miss one. Sooo sad the end… I cried so much (feel silly). Thank you a lot one more xox

  6. I’m sooo bummed that was the last episode with that cast in it!!!
    i really wanted to see sid and cassie together!

  7. oh noes they’re gone!!!! they’re no longer available!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  8. will there be a third season??

  9. Yes, with another cast

  10. I cant beleave its over but if they are recasting then why didnt they kill off more characters just seems a bit odd! and in this new cast thing is it going to be like effie and her class nd stuff???


  11. that was creepy at the end.

    such a shitty ending. this series was crap.

  12. wow ! thnx 4the name of the last song =)

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  15. some of these arent playing

  16. I know, that can happen with Youtube…

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