Sekstherapie en -filosofie Gay Love Spirit voor het 1st in NL

Gay Love Spirit is een organisatie die via workshops allerlei technieken en therapieën aanleren om het seksleven van homo- en bi-mannen anders te ervaren.

Persbericht: Ontdek je erotisch zelf. Gay Love Spirit voor het eerst in Nederland!

Waar seksualiteit en spiritualiteit samen komen.

Gay Love Spirit is een internationaal netwerk van therapeuten en trainers die exclusief workshops aanbieden voor homo- en bi-mannen.

In een veilige een speelse setting wordt onderzocht hoe je meer plezier en genot kunt ervaren – met jezelf en in contact met de ander. Er wordt gewerkt met het lichaam, ademtechnieken, massage en meditatie.

Workshops in Nederland:
Authentic Eros 1
4-6 Juli 2008, Amsterdam
door Kai Erhard (Berlijn) & Volker Moritz (Amsterdam)

Yoganu – Nude Yoga & Touch
5-7 september 2008
door Mark Mulligan (London) & Volker Moritz (Amsterdam)

The Art of Anal Pleasure
5-7 december 2008
door Andy Saich (London) & Volker Moritz (Amsterdam)

Voor meer foto’s en een volledige overzicht zie

Interview Gay Times, London, November 2007

1. Mr. Ehrhardt, tell me — what is Authentic Eros about?

“Authentic Eros” is a workshop for gay men that I’ve been teaching with various colleagues all over Europe and the United States for the last few years. The basic idea is to create an opportunity for participants to explore their untapped potential as erotic beings. There are two major questions we address.  First, what are the patterns or habits that dominate, flatten or inhibit your sexual and intimate life? These patterns can show up in all kinds of ways. They can be subtle or right in one’s face. They can be driven by fear or shame, by upbringing or expectations, or a multitude of other factors. Second, what would it be like to inhabit a pattern-free state-of-being? To do so means “emptying” ourselves out and bringing all of our attention to this moment, just as it is, with this person. That takes practice. It’s not only a mental process but one that involves the whole body. If two men can do that with each other, something incredibly beautiful starts to emerge. The feeling in the room shifts palpably. Nothing needs to happen anymore, yet everything can. Exploring these two questions in a communal setting with other men can be very liberating and healing in and of itself. We learn from each other and we do it in a fun and diversified way.

2. What goes on during this workshop — orgiastic sex (I hope)?

Our intention is to expand people’s ideas and perceptions of sex as an exchange that is emotional and energetic as well as physical. For example, the more exquisite attention I bring to my partner’s whole being, the more trust and surrender becomes possible for him.. When the body follows that, the exchange is infinitely more powerful. We will introduce a lot of delicious and sensual touch exercises but to make it safe for everyone we refrain from overt sex.

3. Most people already know how to have sex. Why would they want to take a workshop about it?

You’d be surprised how many gay men secretly feel inept or limited in their sexual expression and long for opportunities to grow, to feel more pleasure, and to connect with other guys in more satisfying ways. A lot of us know there’s more to sex than just getting your rocks off – but what? It’s not so much about sexual practices per se but more about how we show up in sexual or intimate encounters. Creativity, authenticity, presence and listening are all skills that can be learned. In the “Authentic Eros” workshop, we not only teach those skills but provide a playful laboratory to practice them. It’s not like there’s one “right way.” For each participant what’s authentic and what’s erotic will look a little different. We want to facilitate individual growth.

4. Who is it for? Who is it not for?

So far “Authentic Eros” is offered by and for men who love men. Anyone who is interested in learning more about their sexuality and their capacity for intimacy is welcome to join. Typically, the workshop attracts men of all sizes, shapes, and ages and from all walks of life. It’s probably not ideal for celibate monks taking their first steps toward life in a body – it helps to have had some sexual experiences to expand upon. If you’re curious about the workshop but you’re not sure if you’re ready for it, we suggest that you have a conversation with one of us or come for an individual session beforehand.

5. Stepping back and looking at the big picture, how would you say the culture of the internet has affected the ways gay men have sex?

On one hand, the internet has introduced a multitude of new possibilities to connect and to exchange information. That is absolutely amazing and unprecedented. The shadow side of that is its disembodied aspect. If communication takes place based on visual/mental processing of pixilated slices about you and me, slices that are then distorted by the filters of our perception, we can lose the full spectrum of reality. I have found myself encountering someone in real life and wanting to end that connection as quickly as closing a chat window. Just hit “control W” and go, NEXT. There’s a certain kind of social interaction that you only learn by meeting people face-to-face and feeling the whole range of unpredictable emotions that come up when you’re not controlling every second. Online chatting and cruising can get very codifying. And the wide availability of porn images online can set up very unreasonable ideas about what is a normal, natural, acceptable male body. Part of the “Authentic Eros” workshop is unlearning some of the bad habits and tired scripts we pick up from watching porn videos.

6. In a workshop, isn’t it scary to get naked and share touch with strangers?

“Authentic Eros” is all about getting in touch with the true needs of this moment. That can mean, I want to be naked, I want to be barefoot or sit in my underwear or covered by a blanket. The same is true for touch. It’s about options, options, options. It’s about doing that which feels right and recognizing how that constantly shifts and changes.

7. What do people get out of taking the workshop?

Some get clear about the obstacles they put in the way of getting what they want. Becoming conscious of such a thing enables them to make different choices in the future. Some find it a revelation to just “be” in their erotic bodies without having to “do” something in particular. Others just thrive on being in a safe and playful setting with other men.

8. What’s the couples workshop about?

Instead of doing exercises with randomly assigned partners, at the couples workshop you work with your partner the whole time. In addition to the agenda of a regular Authentic Eros, the couples workshop intends to bring awareness to patterns and dynamics specific to ongoing relationships, and it capitalizes on each couple’s established connection to explore deeper erotic and intimate experiences that aren’t possibly with someone you just met.

9. Who are the teachers?

We are experienced bodyworkers, pleasure activists, and group facilitators with an interest in sexological growth and body-mind-soul development. We love sex and we love to be alive in our bodies. We want to empower other men to do the same.

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