Mister Gay World 2009

Het kon niet uitblijven: na Mister Gay Europe is er ook Mister Gay World. De MGW 2009-verkiezing zal doorgaan in Whistler, Canada tussen 4 en 8 februari. Dit skistation zal in 2010 een deel van de Winterspelen organiseren. Het stadje houdt dan ook een WinterPride.

Het is niet de eerste keer dat iemand een Mister Gay World-verkiezing wil organiseren. Maar in 2002 werd een poging afgeblazen. MGW wordt door dezelfde mensen als MGE in elkaar gestoken. MGW voorziet continentaal-regionale voorrondes.

Whistler, Canada to Host Mr. Gay World Competition

Oslo, Norway – The first global search for Mr. Gay World is set to take place February 4-8, 2009. Hosted in the idyllic mountain resort of Whistler, Canada, home of the 2010 Winter Olympic & Paralympics Games the newly branded global competition’s primary purpose is to identify leaders who will take responsibility not only in his own community but also on a global stage speaking out for equal rights.

Mr. Gay World is a positive role model and will work on humanizing being gay and act as an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Ambassador on an international platform.

Setting the stage of the inaugural event as Executive Producers is GayWhistler’s WinterPRIDE. “We are so thrilled to welcome the Mr. Gay World organization to be an integral part of this year’s WinterPRIDE Festival” explains Dean Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of Alpenglow Productions, the producers of WinterPRIDE.

“We are working with some really creative ways in which we are able to weave this global competition into the festival and add a much richer and exciting experience to both the delegates, the participants of the festival and as well as, the community of Whistler.”

Award winning artist, Terry Costa, from Mirateca Arts, has been recruited to direct the finale to Mr. Gay World on Saturday, February 7th. The event will be hosted by Olympic medal winner Mark Tewksbury and Costa promises that “the wow factor will be present to delight the international talent and patrons that will join the WinterPRIDE festivities in Whistler.”

The Mr. Gay World Competition will see 24 men vie for the covenant title in a 4-day, indoor/outdoor series of events to help a panel of judges identify a strong leader that will inspire those around him and fight for equality of all humans.

The competition includes physical tests and interviews.  Majority of the scoring are on qualities of being a role model, leader, effective communicator, compassionate, articulate and a willingness to try new things and meet new people.

The remaining points are reserved for how well the delegate looks after himself. The winner of the competition will receive a scholarship for the opportunity to travel to various countries to help support or mentor Prides and other LGBT organizations.

About Mr. Gay World (MGW)
MGW is an organization working to build strong positive role models and leaders within the queer community through an international network and support system. http://www.mrgayworld.org

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  1. Overal hoor je hoe oppervlakkig mensen worden.

    Tja… wat wil je… met al die “idealen” EN dito verkiezingen die als paddenstoelen uit de grond schieten.

    Tiens… hoe zou het toch komen dat het percentage van zelfdoding bij holebi’s zoveel hoger ligt? 🙄

  2. O ja… kom nou niet af met: de ware schoonheid zit vanbinnen

    Want dat spreekwoord is “uitgevonden” door lelijke mensen!

    Trouwens als je Körperwelten bezocht hebt, dan weet je dat schoonheid helemaal niet vanbinnen zit. 😉

  3. Tja, ware schoonheid zit buiten 🙂
    & in alle seiZOENEN 😀

  4. […] 9, 2009 door Benjamin De 37-jarige Max Krzyzanowski uit Dublin is in Canada verkozen tot Mister Gay World 2009.  Alexis Cespedes (Mister Gay Paraguay) werd eerste […]

  5. wrong wrong wrong!!!! What the hell were you thinking?

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