Gateway 13: gay griendly party in dansschool Ritmo Studio’s (Hasselt)

“Eindelijk iets nieuws voor gays in Limburg”, lezen we in onze mailbox. Dansschool Ritmo Studio’s van Johan Van Tieghem bouwt zijn ballroom dan om voor gay friendly feestjes. Gateway 13 heet project, want het adres is Ekkelgarden 13 in Hasselt.

De Grand Opening is gepland voor vrijdag 20 februari. Katerine Avgoustakis komt optreden.

A new gay friendly party , every 3rd Friday of the month
Grand Opening: Friday 20/02/2009 at 22.30

Entrance : 5.00 ( by showing event FLYER or LACH membership card = reduction
off – 2.00 ) 16 jaar

Visit the new exclusive Gateway 13 Party Location in Hasselt, Its not a disco
but Belgium’s biggest dance school Ritmo Studios Van Tieghem. The main
ballroom is changing into a top party location with 80m2 performance stage
for different show acts by famous artists, show queens and super dance acts,
a 250m2 floating dance floor, a high air DJ-Stage with LED framing, relaxing
sitting area, a Buddha VIP-lounge area, but most inportend is the
entertainment factor for a super cool party night .

With low entrance fee and cheap beverage prices the ideal going out formula
for students and younger crowd.

This new gay friendly concept in Limburg, created by Johan Van Tieghem is a
way to bring people together without being ashamed of who and what they are.
Being brother of the other big gay friendly concepts in Belgium and having
Holland as close neighbor for jointed partying.
Don’t miss the First edition with our special guest Katerine !

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