Mister Gay Ireland Max Krzyzanowski is Mister Gay World 2009

De 37-jarige Max Krzyzanowski uit Dublin is in Canada verkozen tot Mister Gay World 2009Alexis Cespedes (Mister Gay Paraguay) werd eerste ereheer.

Mr. Gay Ireland, Max Krzyzanowski, becomes Mr. Gay World 2009 in front of a sold-out audience at the grand finale in Whistler, Canada.

After four days of challenges that included surviving in the wilderness, preparing dinner, photoshoots and creating a fashion show, the delegates from all corners of the world are ready to take on many more challenges, as they return back to their countries. Mr. Gay Paraguay (left) is the runner-up for the competition.

Mr. Gay Philippines insured Asia was well represented by taking the “Best Costume Award” and “Mr. Popular Award”. Mr. Gay Argentina took Mr. Photogenic Award; Mr. Gay Colombia was supported by the fellow delegates with the Mr. Congeniality while Mr. Gay Paraguay won Mr. Swimwear. Mr. Gay Australia received the Mr. Leadership Award for his efforts at the various team challenges.

Max is Mr. Gay World 2009

Ireland takes Mr. Gay World title

Hunky Dubliner Max Krzyzanowski (37) has been crowned Mr. Gay World 2009 at the first ever Mr. Gay World contest, in Whistler, Canada. Max, who won the Mr. Gay Ireland title in Dublin in October, beat 19 contestants from around the globe to take the coveted role.

Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Tewksbury hosted this year’s extravaganza of showbiz, stars and Speedos in a glitzy ceremony high in the Canadian

After a busy weeklong schedule that included fashion shows, photo shoots, interviews and even a wilderness survival course; Mr. Gay World President Eric Butter named Max the winner. Max works as a security guard and martial arts coach in Dublin.

“Max is a classic Irish lad, a self made man, very comfortable in his own skin, that anyone would love to have as a best mate, life partner, son, brother or as a father. When in his presence you experience such human warmth, maturity and sense understanding,” says Eric Butter, president of Mr. Gay World.

“Mr. Gay World is an extraordinary opportunity to bring together the entire gay community across the world. It is easy to forget that being gay is still punishable by death in many countries. This is a unique opportunity for me to create awareness of gay issues on a worldwide scale,” said the new Mr. Gay World, Max Krzyzanowski.

“I am deeply honored to win for Ireland and aware of the commitment and responsibilities that follow. My first message is to young people – it is time to stop being afraid. We are our own judges. If you fear the judgment of others you will never reach your true potential.”

Max, of Polish descent, was the oldest contestant in this year’s competition, which took place in Whistler, the official mountain host of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The winner from a total of 1500 contestants worldwide, Max said that he was “elated, shocked but proud to represent gay Ireland on such a stage”.

Also speaking at the ceremony was Executive Producer of Mr. Gay Ireland Brian Merriman, who said, “Max epitomizes the integrity and intelligence required for this leading role. His compassion and leadership attributes are an example of the many qualities gay people contribute to a decent pluralist, modern society”.

As Mr. Gay World, Max will travel the globe in 2009 as a goodwill ambassador for the gay community to promote gay rights and equality for all gay citizens of the world especially the LGBT communities who still endure oppression, violence and all forms of homophobia.

Mr. Gay Paraguay became 1st runner-up for the competition, Mexico 2nd, Australia 3rd, New Zealand 4th and Canada 5th runner up. In addition Argentina, Austria, Colombia and South Africa made it to the Top 10.

Mr. Gay Philippines insured Asia was well represented by taking the Best Costume Award and Mr. Popular Award.

Mr. Gay Argentina took Mr. Photogenic Award; Mr. Gay Colombia was supported by the fellow delegates with the Mr. Congeniality, while Mr. Gay Paraguay won Mr. Swimwear. Mr. Gay Australia received the Mr. Leadership Award for his efforts at the various team challenges.

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Mission statement
The primary purpose of the Mr. Gay World (MGW) is to identify leaders who will take responsibility of being a spokesperson not only in his own community but on a global stage speaking out for equal and human rights. MGW is a positive role model and will work on humanizing being gay in the media both queer and mainstream.

The Mr. Gay World Competition is a 4-day, indoor/outdoor series of events to help our judges identify a strong spokesman or Ambassador to tell the world about our mission. The Competition includes athletic tests and extensive interviews with our panel of judges. Judging points are based on a diverse set of criteria including qualities in charisma, leadership, personality, appearance and communication.

The Mr. Gay World competition is based on an open and transparent cooperation between producers worldwide. Regional producers are responsible for selecting which delegates will represent their region as the best possible spokesperson for local culture, ideas and equal and human right challenges.

All the regional producers work in collaboration with the Executive Committee and sit on the Board of Directors of Mr. Gay World with specific portfolios of responsibility therefore ensuring a truly global reach.

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  1. If Mr. Max is about the represent the gay community, he must have either a big tool or a big mouth. You judges did get it wrong this time!

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  4. wow, wat een stuk! daar kan je als homogemeenschap over de hele wereld mee buiten komen 😉

  5. I do not believe that in 2009 we still have to choose Mr. World based on a “beautiful speech”. Do you guys think that any of those speeches are honest anyway? didn’t you learn by now that all of those are previously prepared and edited by somebody else?..therefore, that you should look into the guys’s records and ultimately, yes, look into HOW THEY LOOK! ..I had no idea this was an “inteligence tournament”, I thought it was a beauty contest. I wonder, why not have A MISTER WORLD that actually is good looking and sexy! I was very disappointed when I saw this year’s judges choosing Mr. Ireland over Mr. Paraguay! come on guys, HUGE HUGE DIFFERENCE! So sorry to see go away a super sexy ex-possible Mr. Gay World like Mr. Paraguay..a country that strugles against the stigma and discrimination way more than any european country such as Ireland..What was the point of all that???
    Sorry, but I consider you decision a bit tragic!!

  6. Ik zie er niets in… Wat de looks betreft ga ik toch voor de eerste ereheer 🙂

  7. Mr. Gay World 2010 will take place at the host city of Oslo, Norway Feb. 10-14, 2010

    GayWhistler’s WinterPRIDE – Gay & Lesbian Ski Week will take place immediately after the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler from March 1-8, 2010.

  8. Herzlichen Dank, endlich habe ich dies gerafft 🙂

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