Mister Gay Europe 2009 in Oslo

Net als Misyter Gay World 2010 zal Mister Gay Europe 2009 in Oslo worden georganiseerd. De Noorse hoofdstad is de uitvalsbasis van initiatiefnemers Morten Rudå en Tore Aasheim.

Mr. Gay Europe 2009 will take place in Oslo, the capital of the land of midnight sun, August 19 – 23, 2009

The 5th annual Mr. Gay Europe competition takes place in the city of Oslo at a time of year when the Norwegian capital is at her most beautiful with light summer nights, the city buzzing with tourists from all over the world and an open-minded and tolerant gay scene celebrating the easy summer life.

– For our 5th year anniversary, Mr. Gay Europe 2009 will take place in Oslo, Norway, where it all started, from August 19 – 23, 2009.  We are preparing a joyful and exciting celebration, says President of Mr. Gay Europe, Morten Ruda.

The official Mr. Gay Europe hotel is Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania in the heart of Oslo, literally in walking distance from the Airport Train that takes the Delegates and guest from all over Europe from the airport and straight downtown in less than 20 minutes. The hotel is the biggest business hotel in Oslo and has twice been an official hotel for the Olympics.

Oslo is a gay friendly city and the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community ensures that Oslo has it all – from sophisticated art exhibitions to fabulous parties all year round.

Oslo is the city of the minorities. As any capital anywhere in the world, Oslo is a melting pot of cultures and people. One way or another everyone is a member of a minority in a capital and that’s what makes Oslo colorful, intriguing and friendly.

Oslo is in fact so gay friendly that you will not find any special gay hotels or restaurants. Here, any hotel will give you and your partner a room and bed to share, and if you both choose to go out for a romantic dinner there really is no need to hide away in a dark corner!

Although compact, Oslo can offer something for everyone; gourmet food, thrilling outdoor adventures, unique shopping and stimulating cultural experiences in all forms. The best place to start is in the city center itself, where the majority of the gay and lesbian community is also to be found.

Walking and cycling are part of the relaxed Oslo lifestyle, and you can break up that city stroll with a pit stop in any of the abundant gay friendly cafes – in fact you will find that most cafes, bars and restaurants in Oslo are just that – very gay friendly.

You will of course find clubs and parties for mostly gay or lesbian people, but most of the time you will find truly mixed crowds, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and straight party people all over town. Just remember that you are in a big city and you should take the usual precautions.

If you want to get out of the city center we would suggest shopping at Bogstadveien and Frogner, or a caffe latte and vintage shopping in the village area of Grünerløkka. Oslo is an out and proud city, we just don’t make so much fuss about it.

By the way, the chairman of the city council, Erling Lae is happily living together with his partner, Jens Torstein Olsen, who himself is working as a priest. It doesn’t get more gay friendly than that! And the Mayor of Oslo Fabian Stang is whole heartedly supporting the event.

The official tourist authorities of Oslo, the official travel partner SAS, the official hotel Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania and the organizers of Mr. Gay Europe 2009 hope to make your stay pleasent and interesting, romantic and exciting – so please, enjoy our city, as much as we enjoy her ourselves.

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